ShanghaiOheng Import & Export Co., ltd. (FRUITEASE) is a professional serviceprovider with more than 15 years of experience in international trading,logistics, customs clearance, quarantine services and foreign currency payment.

Asthe earliest and most professional service provider in imported fruit industry,we have already served over 300 importers in China. With the good reputation,abundant network and professional service, we now want to help more globalsuppliers enter into Chinese market. We help suppliers grow in customerresource, distribution channel, regional development with good service andreturn and complete risk control. We will be a solid bridge between domesticand oversea clients.

Ourbusiness continues to grow with an average rate of 20% for the past few yearsand in 2016 season we have served over 200 importers over 12,000 40HQcontainers for sea shipment and 20000 tons for air shipment with total turnoveraround 600 million USD.

Besidesthe charter flights collaborated with China Eastern, we also expand our serviceto new area like overseas pre-processing documentation, and fast shippingsolution to Shanghai.